Coffee, Coffee Everywhere...and Many a Drop to Drink*


Much beloved, coffee is everywhere. We start our day with it, we end a meal with it, we use it as an excuse for a sweet treat, can’t have a biscotti without a coffee.

We take it with us in travel mugs or paper cups as we drive our cars, or we walk down the street.

It warms us on a cold day.

We drink it “black,” “regular,” “light and sweet,” or fortified with distilled spirits in an Irish Coffee.

We brew it at home and we visit coffee shops for a cup.

We roast the beans, we grind the beans.

It drips slowly, or it streams out under pressure.

We meet over coffee to discuss business or start a new relationship.

It is a part of our social being and culture. 

*Inspired by a line from Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – “…Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.”



Following in the footsteps of Dad and Uncle Walter, my first photos were family events, holiday snaps, birthdays, vacations at the shore, Thanksgiving dinners, a family trip to Marseilles, France.

A camera was a means of recording the world around me as I passed through it.

Before long, I discovered photography allowed creative expression, a means of telling a dynamic story in place of a static moment in time. I seek the images that draw people in and allow them to add their own experiences to the narrative.

Often, I have in mind the image I wish to capture and find something completely different in the viewfinder; everchanging sublime light and shadow playing across shape and form saturated with subtle colors marked by a flash of vibrant red, green, yellow or blue.

* * *

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