There is This  (image by Marcie Scudder)



The brainchild of Marcie Scudder,
Photographer's Workroom is a study in project creation and portfolio development. 

Emphasis is on photography as process and practice, and using our cameras as a way of seeing.

Any/all cameras and levels of ability and experience are welcomed here, as is any method of medium of image-making. The only requirement is that of presence, and willingness to experiment and explore.

In addition to weekly creative assignments, students are encouraged to study other visual artists and respond in their own way. 

Weekly meetings offer inspiration, support and personal critique.

The end goal is for each student to have a completed a cohesive body of work (10-12 images) that speaks to a set intention or story. 

We close with a communal exhibit of our work, with the hopes of archiving, showing and sharing  it all together on a website.