I started taking abstract photographs to use as inspiration for my abstract paintings.  However, I have fallen in love with making abstract images for their own sake.  I love composing an image, I love moving around an object to see it from different angles, I love seeing a shape or a color come to life, I love hearing the click of the camera. 

And then comes the most exciting part.  I look at the screen to see whether I have managed to capture the vision; the textures, shapes, lines, and colors that drew me in.  Sometimes I’m disappointed.  So, I try again.  Sometimes I’m stunned.  Wow!  It’s gorgeous.  Who knew that that shape, that line, that color was hidden amidst the rust, the decay, the debris?  Who knew that the decrepit old gasoline pump would yield those gorgeous brown, red, and turquoise colors in intricate patterns; patterns that were created by years and years of being roasted by the sun, pelted by the hail, washed by the rain, and caressed by the wind?  Who knew that the crumbled and buckling metal siding of a warehouse could yield an image of luminous orange draperies? 

Who knew?


After retiring from law practice, Maryellen started to pursue her interest in art.  She is particularly drawn to both abstract painting and abstract photography.  Maryellen lives in Stowe with her husband, Bob, and their two dogs, Toby and Stanley.

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