Pat and Madge


There is nothing deep about the dolls, Pat and Madge. Nothing profound.

They were born in a factory in the mid 1920's in Japan, shipped to the United States, and landed at 95 Castlebar Road, Rochester, NY – the home of my Mom as a young girl.

Now, as they approach their 100th birthday, and having spent most of those years in a box, they are determined to live life to the fullest. They have no modesty; they rip off their clothes on whim. They live life dangerously, mingling with scary action figures. They walk with the bears. With boundless curiosity (and without asking) they explore my bathroom, kitchen, and closets.

And they proudly pose.

* * *

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Christie Carter, a retired archivist, has lived in Vermont all her adult life and currently resides with her husband Kevin in Montpelier. Photography has been a part of the fabric of her life on and off since she was a teenager. She captures family, nature, and -- inspired by the dark days of winter-- still life.

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