One Life. Live It.


Some might consider my growing up years in rural Alaska to have been difficult. We lived without electricity. Water came from a well. When necessary, we bathed in a nearby creek. Taking a boat to school, between islands was normal.

When I reflect back, I remember it quite differently. Our life was exotic. It was simple. I was safe. I was happy. I was loved.

It’s that same love that drives me to seek out the road less traveled.

Now – as a mother – I want my child to experience a simpler, more adventuresome life. My wish for him is to live without fear, to know his own strength, to have the confidence to find his own path in this over-complicated world.

This body of work is a visual record of our time spent ‘off-grid’. To some – it may appear hard. To me – it speaks to our family  - together, connected, rooted and loved.





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