Urban Geometries


As a recovering mathematician, rectangles feel like home to me. As I wander the world, light and shine are the first things to grab my attention. So arriving in a city, whether it’s New York or Houston or Charlotte from rural Vermont, I am struck at every turn by the wealth of shapes soaring into the sky and by the reflections created by light on my favorite shapes even if the shapes are skewed a bit in service of architecture.


Rosalind Daniels grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  She has been a fiber artist for many years and has recently returned to her early interest in photography now that digital photography has simplified photo production.  The immediacy of photography strikes her as a perfect balance to the slower process of creating quilts. Her home in rural Cabot, Vermont provides her constant inspiration as the seasons and landscapes continuously offer interesting shapes and varying palettes for exploration, while her urban travels never cease to surprise her.

Roz has recently exhibited at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT.
You can see her fiber art here.

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All artwork is available for sale.
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