Nancy Banks

For our assignment last week we were asked to do in project related our photographer.  Ed Kashi in Three …”In a world inundated by visual imagery, our ability to take in more than one image at a time has become innate. In fact, our attention span demands it. THREE, a book of triptychs by acclaimed photographer Ed Kashi, plays on the visual appetite of a hectic world. These triptychs span eras and continents, challenging our notions of perspective and the individual image.”   He in his photos examined social and political change. 

So I dove into my trove of 11,000 photos.  And yes there were stories and meaning.  I found a picture I had taken of the border wall built in Arizona. Even then (2011) it was grotesquely out of place.  My old picture of the wall triggered a need to document today – now - the beauty and vibrancy of our immigrant community in this largely white state.  Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive the group ‘Muslim Girls Making Change’ from Burlington to Stowe for a performance. I did not take photos  - too lost in the logistics of the day. But their challenge – we need whites to stand up for blacks and immigrants. 

Perhaps in these few photos I can …