Donna Snow

Week 6 of the workshop had us choose up to 50 photos to bring to class for review.  

I have 20,687 photos and 14 videos on my computer so this assignment was going to take a little time.  I chose a variety of subjects - landscapes, spring flowers, a still life, barn animals and my most favorite of all, baby wild animals.  I feel super lucky to come across something other than deer in a distant field, and on a couple of occasions I have been lucky enough to know where there has been a fox den with kits.  There is nothing more special than seeing fox kits frolic around and come out of the den because they are so very curious.  

For other baby critter photos, I have been lucky to be in the right place at exactly the right time, with my camera.  The key to sharing these lucky moments is to carry your camera everywhere I go. Baby mink, fawns, and a mommy hen turkey crossing her babies to safety on the other side of the road.  This is the most heartwarming and joyous time, to see the wonders of nature.  

My hope is that viewing these photos bring a smile to your face and joy to your day.  
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Donna Snow

Week three of our Photographer’s Workroom class brought the assignment to shoot 10-12 photos of a color of our choice.  On my two mile drive home from class, I had multiple ideas for three colors!  Let the fun begin.  The lists were getting longer with ideas for each color.  I was a photo-ing fool, out in the winter cold taking pictures.

On the Sunday before class I downloaded all the photos and the decision had to be made, which color?  I could have printed 10-12 for each of my colors.  As you can see, I chose white.  Though is was pretty cold out, I decided the laundry needed to go on the clothesline rather than the clothes bars inside the house.  From mid morning until sunset, I would go out and shoot the laundry as the sun angle changed or the wind picked up until finally the sun was setting. Who knew laundry could be this fun?!