Maryellen Sullivan

For me a big part of this photography class is about learning to see.  As a lawyer and an academic I spent many years “in my head.”  Both of those professions emphasize critical thinking skills and mine are finely honed.  Less well-developed are my observational skills.  For example, when I was in college, someone once asked me the color of the carpet in my dorm room.  I had no idea even though I was living there at the time.  If you were to ask me what my husband was wearing when he left for work, I would look at you blankly.  So, learning to really look, observe, and see is all very new and exciting to me. 

When I was out walking today I saw a grouping of mailboxes that appealed to me and decided to take a few shots.  As I was shooting from different angles, I suddenly noticed something in the woods.  A door.  No walls, no windows, no ceiling.  Just a door!   When I looked more closely, I noticed something else. The door was locked!  This set me to wondering if there is a message here. 

When a door appears to be locked, try walking around it?