Donna Snow

Week three of our Photographer’s Workroom class brought the assignment to shoot 10-12 photos of a color of our choice.  On my two mile drive home from class, I had multiple ideas for three colors!  Let the fun begin.  The lists were getting longer with ideas for each color.  I was a photo-ing fool, out in the winter cold taking pictures.

On the Sunday before class I downloaded all the photos and the decision had to be made, which color?  I could have printed 10-12 for each of my colors.  As you can see, I chose white.  Though is was pretty cold out, I decided the laundry needed to go on the clothesline rather than the clothes bars inside the house.  From mid morning until sunset, I would go out and shoot the laundry as the sun angle changed or the wind picked up until finally the sun was setting. Who knew laundry could be this fun?!