What Is Dear


What is dear to me?

I contemplate a whirlwind of words swirling through my head…

I follow them upward in a spiral and watch them drift away in a moment.

Those words are what comes to me first:  family, friends, community… these are truly dear.

But what hides below the surface, what feeds my soul.?

Like a finger pointing I find it with one small movement of the light on the snow, or an ice crystal hanging off a berry, a silly sign or a single movement, that’s when I know…

They reveal themselves in a beautifully woven cloth, the innocence of a child, the expression of graffiti, the humor of advertising, the satisfaction of a


finished sculpture, the shape of a hand, the glimpse of life through a window, or in the excitement of travel.These intimate moments open elements of life which I hold dear. I cradle them like tiny seeds in my hand, nurturing them to life, growing them through my lens and presenting them to you, the viewer… 

Peggy began her art career as a fiber artist while teaching three-dimensional design at Haverhill High school. Upon moving to Vermont in the 60’s, she continued her art while pursuing a real estate career and raising children. Throughout this period, she developed her own photographs, and incorporated them in collages, silk screens and fabric. Once the digital camera and Adobe became available Peggy found a new way of expressing herself through photographs.

Peggy’s main focus is clay sculpture. She finds that the clay speaks to her in a way that brings out her love of the three-dimensional form and her sense of humor. The forms reveal themselves into characters that take on their own personalities and speak to her about their lives. Because of this, Peggy also looks for the unusual and the humor in everyday life as she travels around the world with her camera. She prefers to travel in countries that are underdeveloped and to look for the unusual to photograph. Then using the creativity of the tools available to manipulate photos she brings a new dimension to her work .

Peggy’s life is full of color and energy which she expresses in her art. Although there are times she takes on more serious subjects, she enjoys the whimsy that happens spontaneously.
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