The Color of Life


As tourists, we visit the Serengeti in Tanzania to see the animals. There – they are big, delightful and beautiful. 

But on a recent trip – it was the vitality of the people that captivated. The color of over 120 indigenous tribes uniting as one; the steady rhythm of people who walk, ride bicycles and use two and three wheeled cabs for most transport; the vibrancy of the markets found everywhere - on the sides of highways, in the winding paths of the local neighborhoods, on sidewalks and in alleyways.

There is a simplicity in the living, magic in the ingenuity, and the joy of children – whether with their mothers at work, in the burgeoning schools or feasting on the bounty of the land.




My husband Gary and I moved to Morrisville in 2015 after living in Massachusetts for 35 years.  We were drawn to Morrisville when our youngest daughter enrolled at Johnson State.  Like our daughter, we fell in love with Vermont -  the beauty, the people, the food, the outdoors.  After retiring, it took us three months to find a house and start a new life. For me that meant new learnings - expanding my love of road biking, getting out the camera that has been sitting in a closet unused and engaging with my new community. The joy of being retired is the gift to explore and hopefully produce something that is meaningful to someone beyond me.
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