kay JostranD

6:49 am


There are scrambled eggs on the floor…

Laundry crumpled on the sofa…

And a hairbrush on the kitchen island.

My phone pings with the first in a flurry of texts about soccer carpool.

                        It is 6:49 AM.  

It feels like days since I've taken a deep breath.

This collection of  images is my antidote to the rush of our days:   an intentional and intimate response to what often feels scattered, rushed, cluttered. 

They are a personal invitation to myself and to you.

Exhale. Unwind. Daydream. 




As an unrepentant daydreamer and introvert, Kay finds peace and a sense of sanctuary behind the lens.  Her work focuses on honoring the beauty in the everyday. The art of being fully present is integral to her artistic process.  Kay’s greatest joy is seeing into the heart and soul of the people and places she photographs; capturing a moment, telling the story of a lifetime. 


Visit her at www.kayjostrand.com or on Instagram @KayJostrandPhotography.

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