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Port of Call


 In our twelve years of marriage my husband and I have moved seven times.  Sometimes by choice.   Sometimes out of necessity. 

We've moved on from places we had outgrown...
moved toward hope and promise...
moved away from disappointment and stagnation.

Looking back, it seems as if our life has been lived in boxes and bins.  Packing and unpacking, striving to find a sense of place in new towns, new climates, new schools, new states, new houses, new jobs, and new friendships.  

The one constant throughout these peripatetic years has been the stability of visiting Cape Cod, where my in-laws have a house.  We were married there: toes in the sand, sun at our backs.  It's where we return to refresh, renew, and restore our spirits. 

These images are my anchor, my port of call: pure memories of this place of my heart.  I can smell the ocean, feel the sand beneath my feet, and soak up the unfettered joy of simply being. 

 Walk with me...


Kay Jostrand grew up in South Carolina surrounded by extended family, enchanted with family lore.  Her love of visual storytelling began when her grandfather handed down his old Brownie camera when she was eight.  Kay’s fascination with storytelling blossomed throughout her childhood and into early adulthood, when she chose a career in faith-based and social service organizations.

 In her role as minister, counselor, and advocate she is continually enthralled with and humbled by people’s stories, and the redemptive and healing power found in the telling. Fusing her love of photography and storytelling, Kay’s work focuses on honoring the beauty in the everyday. The art of being truly present is integral to her artistic process. Kay’s greatest joy is seeing into the heart and soul of the people and places she photographs; capturing a moment, telling the story of a lifetime.

Visit her at www.kayjostrand.com or on Instagram @KayJostrandPhotography.

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